What is Evolve Contact Center?

Not a new concept at all, Evolve Contact Center is the next generation Cloud Call Center.  You may also hear the terms VoIP Call Center solution, VoIP Contact Center solution, and Cloud Based Contact Center. They all mean the same thing: an extremely robust, tightly integrated platform built to help businesses deliver a more personal, ‘human touch’ experience to their customers. 

When you think about call centers what images come to mind?:

  • Large open area filled with cubicles and call center agents fielding incoming calls or making outbound calls to prospects and customers. 
  • Agents wear headsets and have a telephone and computer monitor on their desks.
  • Calls are routed to them using customized call center software. 
  • The limitation in this traditional call center model is that only one form of communication is leveraged: the telephone. 
  • Very expensive and usually not an affordable product for small businesses.
  • Proprietary call center software and hardware, not integrable with 3rd party software.
  • Subject to obsolescence and expensive upgrades.


Cloud Contact centers are much different:

  • Hosted in the cloud.
  • Contact center support teams log in remotely and don’t need to be in a centralized call center type of office. 
  • Covid ready.
  • Contact Center support teams use voice, video, SMS, screen sharing, live chat, and social media to communicate with customers.
  • Requires very little hardware.
  • Cloud based Contact Center software is always being upgraded at no additional expense to the customer.
  • Very affordable, now accessible for small businesses.


There’s never been a more critical time to invest in the experience your customers have with your business. Starting with sales and extending through support, service, invoicing, payments, and full circle to repeat purchases, every customer interaction is an opportunity to create lasting and profitable relationships. Forecasts show Contact Center adoption growing rapidly.

The Evolve Cloud Contact Center (CC) solution is an evolution of traditional call center functionalities and tools. Now, businesses can provide exceptional customer experiences simply by offering the digital communication options that are rapidly growing in use and favor: Live chat, SMS (text), email and social media.




The Many Benefits of Using Evolve Cloud Contact Center

While it’s difficult to argue a more profound benefit than providing rich and pleasing experiences to your customers, our Contact Center also delivers incredibly valuable operational and revenue benefits:

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Advanced Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Screen pop-ups with database software integration
  • Skill-based routing, detailed analytics, and robust reporting software
  • Flexible deployment options (including stand alone or Over the Top (OTT) nearly any third party non-Evolve UC environment) and works seamlessly with Evolve’s Cloud based PBX and Unified Communications
  • Increased revenue overall, increased repeat revenues, and increased profitability

How to Identify If Your Business Can Benefit from Using a Contact Center

Evolve Cloud Contact Center is ideal for virtually any organization dedicated to meeting increasingly high customer expectations and enhancing customer engagement. Regardless of industry or business size, Evolve Contact Center is valuable for improving customer engagement at any stage of the customer relationship or buying process.

Some of the areas where businesses see the most immediate and/or significant benefits from implementing Cloud Contact Center functionalities are:

  • Customer service
  • Outbound/inbound sales
  • Technical support
  • Accounting and/or billing
  • Dispatch and field technician processes


Some of the most common business challenges Evolve Contact Center addresses and resolves are:

  • Increasing support or operational costs
  • Low or dropping productivity rates
  • Frequent or increasing PII compliance audits
  • Reliability & Security
  • Growing or unmet needs for advanced visibility into customer interactions


Evolve Contact Center: A Better Way to Engage

Evolve Contact Center empowers employees and managers with detailed customer data in a single, easy-to-use interface. Seamless CRM and database integration provide vital customer data at a glance. 

Evolve Contact Center’s Workforce Management and administrative tools:

  • Reduce duplicate requests for data 
  • Automate routine and time-consuming tasks, and ensure adequate levels of staffing
  • The result is increased productivity, happier employees, and ultimately, a more positive work environment.

For businesses looking to “up” their customer engagement game, reduce operational costs, increase productivity levels and create more revenue, Evolve Contact Center is an ideal, accessible, and affordable solution.


Features Overview

There has never been a better time for businesses to invest in the customer experience. Every customer interaction — whether conducted via voice, SMS, email, web chat, or social media — offers your business the opportunity to increase trust and loyalty and build lasting relationships.

The Evolve Contact Center (CC) solution is an evolution of traditional call center functionalities and tools. Now, contact center agents and managers can streamline and automate processes while improving First Call Resolution and delivering an outstanding experience for the customer.

Agent Client

  • Call Controls (Answer, End, Hold, Transfer, Conference)
  • Agent Controls (Login, Logout, Ready, Wrap Up)
  • Disposition Codes (with Multiple Levels)
  • Unavailable (DND) Codes
  • Online Directories (with Custom Widget)
  • Supervisor Escalation
  • Call History
  • Call Recording Controls
  • Custom Scripting (DNIS & Queue)
  • Screen Survey Tools
  • Custom Screen Layout
  • Outgoing Calling Line ID Selection (with Dialer)

Supervisor Client

  • Silent Monitoring (Listen)
  • Whisper Coaching
  • Barge-in
  • Intercept / Answer Inbound Calls
  • View / Change Agent Status
  • Real-time Queue Monitoring / Management
  • Enable Alternate Routing
  • Historical Reports
  • Real-time Reports
  • Contact Center Dashboard


  • Dashboard Software
  • Real-time Reports – Queue
  • Real-time Reports – Agents
  • Historical Reports – Queue
  • Historical Reports – Agents
  • Flexible & Configurable Report Scheduling and Subscriptions
  • Third-party Data in Reporting (Additional Professional Services Required)

Call Recording

  • Voice Recording
  • Call Scoring (with Question Builder)
  • Call Tagging, Search and Playback
  • PCI Redaction (Using Agent Controls)
  • Download / Forward Recordings
  • Speech Analytics / Transcription (3rd Party) Auto Attendant
  • Single Level with IVR
  • Multiple Levels (Nested Menus)
  • Custom IVR with Data Dips (Additional Professional Services Required) Global Settings
  • Custom Disposition Codes
  • Custom Unavailable (DND) Code
  • Agent Thresholds / Notifications
  • Agent Default Settings



What is Evolve Contact Center?

Evolve Contact Center (CC), is an evolution of call center functionalities. With Evolve Contact Center, businesses can provide exceptional customer experiences simply by offering the digital communication options that are rapidly growing in use and favor: 

  • Live chat,
  • SMS (text), email and social media.

Contact Center enables agents and managers to streamline processes and create new efficiencies, saving time and increasing productivity while delivering a more personalized, enjoyable experience for the customer.

What is a “Customer Engagement Center”?

The term “Customer Engagement Center” (vs. a traditional call center) is a name used to describe contact centers that are utilizing more advanced customer service interaction methods like bots, Al, and apps.

A “Customer Engagement Solution” is the platform that your Contact Center utilizes for omni-channel customer service communication and management.

Who can use Contact Center?

Our CC solution is for organizations that want to manage, monitor, and enhance the customer engagement experience. 

The CC platform offers powerful call routing tools, voice to text, chat capabilities, customizable dashboards, and detailed reporting. All of these CC solutions are important to the survival and growth of your organization as it engages with its customers. Our CC platform helps you create an easy-to-setup, manage, and scale contact center.

How does Evolve Contact Center work?

Our Contact Center platform can, unlike a traditional call center, integrate with multiple call controls or with any hosted or on-premise PBX that supports SIP trunking. Contact Center’s Automated Call Distribution (ACD) engine routes and manages inbound and outbound media. This feature ensures that a call, email, chat, or text is routed to the proper agent based on queue and skillset management.

Evolve Contact Center has a robust set of features intended for call center supervisors that enable them to manage agent resources and call flows. 

  • Your supervisors can use custom agent scripting tools and widgets that allow for agent/queue specific desktop apps. 
  • They can take part in supervisor coaching actions like Listen, Whisper, Join, and Take. The CC platform offers several styles of interactive dashboards that display important CC performance data in real-time including calls in queue, service levels, agent details, alerts, and warnings. 
  • The reporting feature offers more than 50 types of reports including queue, agent, and media performance. 
  • Reports are also available on your organization’s IVR data and customer service survey results.
  • CC agents can utilize screen pop applications, which allow for information to be collected from your customers during their interactions with the IVR system. 
  • The platform’s CRM integration allows that data to be displayed on your agent’s desktop during the call which reduces call length and enhances a customer’s experience. The agent system includes call recording of agents as part of the seat license which allows for quality management and call tracking. It also offers detailed search capabilities, unlimited storage time, and scoring for quality assurance to your supervisors.