Business VoIP

What is Business VoIP?

Business VoIP is not next generation communications anymore, it’s the way businesses communicate. Traditional premise-based phone systems and telephone service are quickly being replaced with Business VoIP, especially for the small business. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has come to mean a lot of different things. Generally speaking, VoIP phone service refers to the technology that allows us to make and receive phone calls over the internet in real time. By delivering voice calling functions over internet connections it allows you to use VoIP from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a computer or smart device.

Cloud-based Phone System

  • Has all of the features of a premise-based PBX (a fancy term for phone system, here’s a full list of our Cloud-based PBX features)
    • Voicemail
    • Auto-attendant
    • Call queueing
  • Typically uses VoIP desk phones that look like normal desk phones
  • Hosted fax
  • Easily administered through an online portal

Mobile App

  • Separate app running on your smart phone (Droid, iPhone)
  • Allows you to separate your business calls from your personal calls

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

  • Runs on your PC or Mac
  • Combines multiple modes of communications
    • Voice call from an app on your computer called a softphone with click to dial
    • SMS
    • Video conference
    • Collaboration
    • Team chat
    • Audio Conference
    • Screen Sharing


Business VoIP offers a lot of services and features that the traditional phone system does not. What’s the most important quality that a Business VoIP service has to offer?

  • Flexibility
    • Works anywhere there is internet access
    • Unlimited call paths mean you never get a busy signal
    • You don’t need a VoIP desk phone to make calls, use your PC or your smart phone
    • As businesses migrate to a remote work force and home offices, VoIP is an ideal way for a business to stay connected


The best part about Business VoIP is the price, particularly for small businesses. In most cases it’s much less expensive than traditional phone service with the support and maintenance of a traditional phone system.

  • Per month/per user costs that changes as you go up or down in number of employees (check our pricing)
  • Unlimited domestic call (no more long distance per minute charges)
  • Unlimited support
  • No painful up-front expense of purchasing a phone server and paying a company to install it for you (unlike traditional premise-based PBX’s)
  • VoIP phones are optional


The Evolve Advantage

  • Simple, very competitive pricing
  • Realtime support with expert technicians
  • Enterprise class PBX features
  • Full Unified Communications (UCaaS) product suite
  • Dedicated project manager to ensure a smooth transition from your current phone service provider to the Evolve platform

Solutions & Features That Matter

Evolve meets the needs of modern business communication & collaboration with highly reliable, feature rich, competitive cloud communications solutions including:

Evolve Hosted PBX & VoIP

Replace outdated telephone closets and move into the cloud with [Company Name]’s hosted voice services. Hosted PBX & VoIP transform business communications by improving efficiencies and lowering costs. With Hosted PBX and VoIP, you’ll remain connected from anywhere, adding stability, flexibility, and scalability to your business.

Evolve UC & Mobile

Evolve UC & Mobile combines a feature-rich Unified Communications (UC) client and fully integrated mobile app, enabling seamless, effective communication and collaboration from anywhere and on any device. It eliminates roadblocks and headaches often associated with working remotely and maximizes the productivity of every communication interaction.

Evolve SMS

Evolve SMS allows users to send SMS (text) or MMS (images/videos/documents) through their business phone number via Evolve UC. The user’s personal number is never displayed, increasing professionalism while engaging with customers and coworkers via texting, the communication channel that’s become front-and-center for users of all ages across all industries and verticals.

Evolve Voice to Text

With Evolve Voice to Text visual voicemail, users receive instant text transcriptions of voice messages delivered via email, SMS text, Evolve UC, or Evolve mobile. Voice to Text is a convenient, time-saving tool that makes it easy to remain connected to critical

information at all times. Whether on the go, sitting in meetings, concentrating deeply while set to “Do Not Disturb”, or any other time when listening to messages isn’t ideal, Voice to Text enables users to prioritize messages at-a-glance.

Evolve Contact Center

Evolve Contact Center (CC) is an omni-channel customer engagement platform that allows businesses to provide extraordinary customer experiences via voice, live chat, SMS (text), or email. Contact Center’s advanced functionalities empower managers and agents to increase First Contact Resolutions (FCR), improve operational efficiency, lower operational costs, and deliver the kinds of loyalty-building customer experiences that keep businesses competitive.

Evolve WFM for Contact Center

Evolve Workforce Management (WFM) adds built-in scheduling, forecasting, and adherence tools to Evolve Contact Center, allowing businesses to exceed their performance goals and guarantee accountability with onsite and remote agents. WFM capabilities lead to higher-performing agents, happier customers, reduced operational costs, and allow managers to focus on what matters: making informed, data-driven staffing decisions and providing real-time coaching and support to their teams.

Evolve IVR

Evolve Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables automated inbound and outbound messaging to customers in your database. With IVR, businesses can streamline critical but time-consuming tasks like appointment reminders and satisfaction surveys and provide customers with 24/7 phone-based self-service support.